• Some day everyone is ready for Speidel

    Your own juice or cider: Here you will find everything you need for preparing delicious fruit juices from apples, pears, grapes and berries.

  • From tree to glass

    Speidel provides everything you need so that you can make your own juice or cider yourself from start to finish: from the pome fruit grinder by way of the juicer right up to transportation and storage in barrels of high-grade plastic or stainless steel. You can learn more about the process from tree to glass in a short film.

  • I won’t have anything else in the cellar

    Not for nothing is Speidel the epitome of good cider containers. The best materials and precise workmanship guarantee that your barrels will give you pleasure for years to come. And therefore, so will your juice. Because whoever makes the effort to gather up the fruit also wants to be sure that the work has been worth it.

  • Everyone is talking about meadow orchards. We make something of them.

    Cider drinkers are conservationists, they say. Because meadow orchards are an increasingly rare cultivated landscape in Europe. By using them, you are helping to protect this valuable asset.

  • Who makes the best cider?

    There are as many cider recipes as there are cider makers. And because, as everybody agrees, you can’t argue about taste, we have put together some recipes from which you can draw inspiration.