From the tree into the glass

Speidel offers everything so that you can make your juice or must from start to finish.

This is how

Pome fruit grinder

If you're going to make cider, then do it right

The Speidel pome fruit grinder cuts up the fruit in ideal manner.

The pome fruit grinder

Hydraulic press

For extra virgin apple juice

You have never pressed such good juice so quickly and easily before.

The Hydraulic press

Hydropresse von Speidel


Not every container is the same. This is especially true if you compare Speidel quality products to the stuff you can get in the hardware store next door.

All containers at a glance


You belong to me

The right accessory makes a difference. The air-lock and bottom outlet for the cider container for instance are not included when purchasing the container and need to be ordered separately.

The right accessories