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The right container for every beverage

Not every container is the same. This is especially true if you compare Speidel quality products to the stuff you can get in the hardware store next door. And even the type of use makes a huge difference regarding what container you should choose. Whether you use it for fermentation, transportation or storage: you will find the perfect container for any fluid or purpose within our product range.

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Mostfass 60 Liter

Cider container

Not for nothing is Speidel the epitome of good cider containers. The best materials and precise workmanship guarantee that your containers will give you pleasure for years to come. And therefore so will your cider. Because whoever makes the effort to gather up the fruit also wants to be sure that the work has been worth it.

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Juice container

Using the Speidel juice container, you can store fruit juices for months and tap off some every day without the juice fermenting or becoming bitter. Especially healthy are the juices made from apples, pears, black and red currants, raspberries, elderberries and grapes. If you want, cider or wine that are already fermented can be stored in the juice container.

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Pressure cask

With the versatile pressure tank you can make your own drinks, keep them fresh for months and tap some off every day – without heating and without adding chemical preserving agents. The pressure cask is ideal for sweet fruit juice, cidre and cider, wine and sparkling wine, beer, soda water and mild sparkling mineral water.

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Universal stainless steel container

Because of its versatile uses, we describe our stainless steel fermentation and storage cask as a universal cask. It is ideally suited as juice container or for storing, mixing and transporting various liquids such as wines, juices, liqueurs, syrups etc.

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Universal Edelstahlfass

Fermentation egg

The organic fermentation in the egg-form is based on the golden ratio without corners and edges. Wine, beer and cider could move fluently during the fermentation and storage. This gentle process guarantees on keeping the completely development of the product.

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Stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel is the ideal material for fermentation and storage tanks. It is food safe and absolutely airtight. Neither the air from the outside nor the aroma on the inside can pass through it. The Speidel stainless steel tank is has absolutely no effect on the taste and is not attacked by fruit acids. It is easy to clean outside and inside without aggressive cleaning agents.

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Mashing container

The mashing container’s dipping edge acts as a circular fermentation lock. When filled with liquid, the fermenting mixture inside is protected from bacteria. Of course, the mashing container is made from food-safe, colourless PE. Easy transport and easy cleaning make Speidel’s mashing container the first choice for fruit and grain mash.

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Storage containers

Whether we are talking about cider, wine, juice, water or cooking oil: Speidel storage containers have no effect on the taste and are permeable to oxygen. They are made of very thick-walled, colourless, UV-resistant PE and comply with the latest EU guidelines for food-contact materials (Yes, this EU Directive is as complicated as it sounds). The PE base allows a fork lift truck to get under it. The outlet of the storage container is located at its lowest point. This makes it possible to empty it completely. The 38-cm wide aperture facilitates cleaning and the large screw cap allows for additional ventilation.

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Transport container

Speidel transport containers are made of colourless and UV-resistant PE and thus - even with liquid or very dry contents - comply with EU Regulation 1935/2004. The outlet of the transport container is located at the lowest point of the container. This makes it possible to empty it completely. The extra-thick wall ensures maximum stability. When empty, the transport containers can even be stacked.

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