Ein Bier wird frisch gezapft


Brew your own beer

Using the Speidel Braumeister it is quite easy to brew really good beer yourself. The Braumeister’s patented technology is designed for simple operation and easy handling. The Braumeister was specially developed for hobby and home brewers. The compact size and simple operation make it ideal for home use.

The fully automatic control system brews with preset or your own individual recipes. The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases. In contrast to the cumbersome equipment of some other hobby brewers, the Braumeister does not need to be stirred all the time. Thanks to the patented malt pipe technology, the wort is circulated gently and without effort. Nothing can burn on and nothing needs to be racked during the brewing phases.

The ingenious thing about the Braumeister: The goodness from the malt is not extracted by an agitator, but by gently circulating the wort. Mashing, lautering and boiling the hops - everything takes place in one boiler. This is what makes brewing beer so simple and clean. The control system controls the brewing process fully automatically and can be programmed depending on the recipe. The Braumeister is almost completely made out of stainless steel and impresses users by its high quality - Made in Germany!

For more information about the Braumeister, please visit the Braumeister website.