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From the tree into the glass

Everything about juice and must production

Speidel offers everything so that you can make your juice or must from start to finish. Starting with our pome fruit grinder to our hydraulic press through to containers made of high quality plastic or stainless steel for transportation and storage. Below you will find a brief overview.

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Making your own drinks,
but how?

This is how you make your own juice, must or cider:

  1. Grinding the fruit
  2. Extracting the juice
  3. Fermentation

Grinding the fruit

Fruit mash

In order to extract the juice, you first need to grind the fruit. It is important to pay attention to the right size of your fruit mash. The fruit must not be too chunky or too small, so that you get the most juice out of it and the fermentation starty quickly.

Pome fruit grinder

Speidels pome fruit grinder shreds the fruit into perfectly sized chunks, is easy to use and to clean.

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Extracting the juice

After grinding the fruit, put the fruit mash into the hydraulic press to extract the juice. You can enjoy the freshly squeezed juice right away or choose to process it further into must or cider.

Extracting the juice
Hydraulic press

Due to the high pressure applied, the fruit mash gets pressed through the steel sheet and you receive fresh juice.

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Cider container and pressure cask

Anyone who prefers to process the juice further and turn it into must or cider, just takes the juice and fills it into one of Speidels fermentation tanks. In our product range you will find the right container for any kind of beverage: be it the cider container made of high quality plastic, the juice container made of stainless steel or the pressure cask.

Various containers

Visit the product pages or our online shop to find out which container is ideal for you.

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