Hände mit Obstmaische zwischen den Fingern

Tips and Tricks

How to get the most out of the must

  • Use only fully ripe and healthy fruit without rotten spots.
  • Clean the cider containers thoroughly and rinse with hot water.
  • Never fill the container right to the top. The must needs room to ferment of about 5 to 10 percent of the container volume.
  • Add selected yeasts to achieve a uniform, continuous fermentation.
  • Insert the airlock immediately and fill with clean water or alcohol.
  • Do not put the fermenting container in too cool a place. The fermentation temperature should not fall below 10 °C. Ideally fermentation should take place above 15 °C and storage below 10 °C.
  • A good cider can only take shape in cellars that are draft-free and with a uniformly cool temperature.
  • Fermentation is complete when no more carbon dioxide bubbles through the airlock.
  • After fermentation, the cider should be drawn off from the yeast. This makes the cider keep longer.
  • When racking, do not let the cider splash into the container, instead put the hose on the container bottom.
  • Several smaller containers are better than one large one, because the cider loses quality once the container is opened.