Everything else is pathetic

You do not necessarily have to be a large winery to be able to make wine yourself. With the right equipment - and we know where you can get it - wine can still be easily made on a smaller scale.

However, it involves some skill and some practice to get it right. But above all, the right climatic conditions are important. In Germany there are only a few areas with enough sunlight and sufficiently high temperatures. But even if you live in the depths of the Black Forest, this is no obstacle: in the U.S.A., home wine making has become the fashion. You can buy grapes from the best vineyards in California and so make your own wine. We are curious to see when this trend will reach Germany's shores and you are able to press your own Riesling ...

Anyone who is not confident enough to try their hand at classic (grape) wine should at least give fruit wines a try. Home-made fruit wine from strawberries, blueberries or currants is a real treat.