Nahaufnahme Produktion einer Hydropresse

Quality made in Germany

The proverbial Speidel quality

With some manufacturers doubts remain as to whether their boastful promises in the brochure can actually be kept. With Speidel you are on the safe side. This is because we know what is important in a product from the viewpoints of material and use. High quality workmanship and experienced staff guarantee the proverbial Speidel quality. Not for nothing is Speidel the benchmark in the field of containers.

Made in Germany for real

With Speidel products you get what is you pay for. For us, "Made in Germany" is not just an empty phrase, but a lived principle. This is also reflected in our purchasing strategy and company policy. That is why there are no problems with suppliers for our products even in difficult times, because they are mainly from Germany. We attach great importance to quality and that is exactly why we do not manufacture abroad at cheap prices.

In short: genuinely Made in Germany.

Swabian workmanship

We manufacture our products exclusively in our main factory in Ofterdingen, Swabia/Germany. This not only secures jobs, but also quality. An essential guarantor of this quality are our well-trained employees.

In two plants all work steps are carried out so that our customers receive the best containers: Plant 1 is responsible for the production of PE and VA as well as development, administration, customer service and logistics. Plant 2 houses the large container production.